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China Commercial (Liuzhou) Law Firm

China Commercial (Liuzhou) Law Firm is the first law firm established by China Commercial Law Firm in Guangxi, which has significant importance in the strategic presence of China Commercial Law Firm. China Commercial (Liuzhou) Law Firm focuses on providing professional legal services for major urban construction projects, corporate investment and financing, carbon neutrality and environmental protection projects, non-performing asset disposal, government legal affairs, and major difficult legal issues for enterprises. Leveraging the advantageous resources of the China Commercial Law Firm and the Greater Bay Area, it provides better professional legal services for local economic development.

Liuzhou Branch adheres to the core values of “political integrity, professionalism, and dedication,” and has always been committed to the mission of “Lawyers uphold justice, and the law creates value.” It provides clients with high-quality, efficient, and consistent legal services with standardized business processes, unified information systems, and digital platforms, by virtue of accumulated experience and resource advantages in government legal services, non-performing asset disposal, urban renewal and renovation, domestic and foreign capital and other fields.

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19-20/F, Block A, Huaxin International Plaza, No. 17 Tanzhong East Road, Chengzhong District, Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
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