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China Commercial (Hong Kong) Law Firm

Established in February 2019, China Commercial (Hong Kong) Law Firm is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Commercial Law Firm and operates in association with L&Y Law Office Hong Kong. Upon its establishment, China Commercial (Hong Kong) Law Firm positioned itself with a focus on the legal business of the capital market. Leveraging this foundation, it successfully facilitated numerous Mainland China and Hong Kong enterprises in their initial public offerings on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Subsequently, the Branch gradually broadened its scope to encompass legal services in related areas such as private financing, private placement, preferred shares, dispute resolution, and bond issuance, earning a commendable reputation in the market.

We have a professional and experienced team of lawyers, including executive partners, senior partners, and partners, who will provide you with professional and first-class legal services, covering its advantageous businesses in capital markets and financial markets in Hong Kong and Mainland China, as well as legal services in other fields in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

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R806, 8/F, Lippo Centre Tower 2, 89 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong
+852 21159525