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China Commercial (Yongzhou) Law Firm

Yongzhou Branch was established on March 15, 2022 with the approval of the Hunan Provincial Department of Justice. It has an office area of over 2,000 square meters. China Commercial Law Firm’s practicing lawyers all have a bachelor’s degree or above in law, and its main partners all have a professional background, with more than 20 years of experience in law practice. They have deep legal knowledge and rich case handling experience in various business fields. Main business spans such areas as: High-end civil and commercial litigation business, financial legal business, legal advisory business, corporate compliance legal business, corporate bankruptcy legal business, administrative legal business and criminal litigation business, etc. With client needs at the forefront, Yongzhou Branch adopts a market segmentation-oriented approach and prioritizes exploration and integration. It maximizes the advantages of professional division of labor and teamwork, dedicated to offering clients constructive and actionable solutions to legal problems.

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4/F, Zhongtian Lingyu, Lengshuitan District, Yongzhou, Hunan Province
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