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China Commercial (Lanzhou) Law Firm

On March 25, 2022, China Commercial (Lanzhou) Law Firm was officially established with the approval of the Gansu Provincial Department of Justice. Lanzhou Branch has experienced practicing lawyers in bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation, non-performing assets, government legal services, corporate governance, investment and financing legal services, financial banking and insurance, criminal defense, marriage and family affairs and wealth inheritance, equity and bonds, civil and commercial dispute resolution and arbitration, and other business fields. Among them, several lawyers have successively won honors such as Excellent Lawyer in Gansu Province, Excellent Public Welfare Lawyer in Gansu Province, Excellent Lawyer in Lanzhou, and Excellent Female Lawyer in Lanzhou.

Lanzhou Branch will uphold the core values of “political integrity, professionalism, and dedication,” along with the fundamental philosophy of “Lawyers uphold justice, and the law creates value,” as championed by China Commercial Law Firm. It will actively embody the mission of lawyers and patriotism, inheriting and promoting the spirit of Shenzhen—daring to explore, being the first, and working diligently. The Branch is dedicated to self-renewal, expanding its reach beyond Gansu, and aiming to make a mark nationwide. The Branch will also uphold a high standard of self-dedication and a strong sense of responsibility to society. It is committed to ongoing innovation in legal services, exerting every effort to deliver professional, refined, and efficient legal services to clients, contributing to the realization of China Commercial’s century-long dream!

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10/F, Block B, Civil Air Defense Building, No. 3583 Yantan Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu Province
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