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China Commercial (Tianjin) Law Firm

China Commercial (Tianjin) Law Firm is the second branch of China Commercial Law Firm within the “Capital Circle,” following its establishment of the Beijing branch. Located at 29/F, Luneng International Center Building, Tianjin Branch is in Tianjin’s core business district at the intersection of Shuishang Park North Road and Shuishang Park East Road of Nankai District, with convenient transportation.

The Tianjin Branch boasts an expert committee and has recruited law professors from higher education institutions such as Nankai University, Tianjin Normal University, and Tianjin University of Technology as its inaugural expert advisors. There are more than 40 professionals in various sectors, including lawyers who have rich practice experiences in legal services for enterprise merger and acquisition negotiations, due diligence on investment and financing, and corporate operation and governance, special legal services for company equity incentives, legal services for company listing guidance, legal services for non-performing assets, legal services for real estate and construction engineering, dispute resolution legal services, labor dispute legal services, marriage and family legal services, criminal legal services and beyond.

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R2901, Luneng International Center Building, Intersection of Shuishang Park North Road and Shuishang Park East Road, Nankai District, Tianjin
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