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China Commercial (Wuhan) Law Firm

China Commercial (Wuhan) Law Firm was officially established on March 31, 2021. Its establishment represents a significant business presence for China Commercial Law Firm, with the aim of tapping into the vast legal service market fueled by the economic growth in Central China. Since its inception, Wuhan Branch has experienced rapid growth within a short timeframe, expanding its business to encompass a wide range of legal services. This includes areas such as non-performing assets, enterprise legal risk management, financial legal services, real estate and construction engineering legal services, marriage and family legal services, criminal legal services, tax legal services, maritime legal services, and more. It provides year-round legal advisory services to government agencies, universities, and other public institutions. Its clientele for perennial services extends beyond large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises to encompass growth-oriented private enterprises as well.

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R1402, Tower A, Hongtai Building, No. 1 Huanle Blvd., Hongshan District, Wuhan, Hubei Province
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