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China Commercial (Foshan) Law Firm

China Commercial (Foshan) Law Firm was officially opened at the end of 2020 with approval of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice. It is located at 11/F, Block C, Vanke Finance Center, Jihua Fifth Road, Chancheng District, Foshan, with an office area of nearly 1,500 square meters. It includes public facilities such as independent lawyer offices, negotiation rooms, and multimedia conference rooms, providing a quiet and comfortable office environment for lawyers and clients, showcasing the legal service ethos of the China Commercial Law Firm teams. Since its inception, Foshan Branch has experienced consistent growth in both the number and scale of lawyers and administrative teams. This expansion has led to a strengthened and more stabilized ability for lawyers to expand their business, resulting in a continuous increase in business revenue. As of October 2023, it has 29 practicing lawyers. As of October 2023, it has handled over 5,800 cases with a favorable comment rate as high as 90%.

“Lawyers uphold justice, and the law creates value.” China Commercial Law Firm will adhere to the core values of “political integrity, professionalism, and dedication" and also uphold a high standard of self-dedication and a strong sense of responsibility to society. It is committed to ongoing innovation in legal services, exerting every effort to deliver professional, refined, and efficient legal services to clients, contributing to the realization of China Commercial’s century-long dream.

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R1110-1114, Block C, Vanke Finance Center, Jihua Fifth Road, Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong Province
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